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Dr. Martin Rongen MD PhD Consultant surgeon, No Colegiado 03-0310454

Dr. Martin Rongen

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Dr. Martin Rongen was born in Venlo, the Netherlands. He attended medical school at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. After obtaining his medical degree, he served as a medical officer in the Royal Dutch Army. From May 1996 he worked as a colorectal research fellow under supervision of Professor CGMI Baeten. This lead to a PhD degree at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands. In 1999 Martin started his surgical training at the department of general surgery at the Maasland hospital in Sittard. After completing training in August 2005, he worked as a fellow in gastrointestinal and oncology surgery.

In April 2008 he relocated to Spain continuing to practise as a general surgeon.
Apart from digestive disorders and oncological surgery, he also offers treatments for breast lumps, inguinal hernias, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, minor surgery ( removal skin lesion) and wound care.

Martin brings his extensive experience to patients of the Family Medical Centre.

The Core Team

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Clinic Director, Practice Midwife

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Clinic Director, Nurse

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General Practitioner

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